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TODAY: Office manned as from 4 p.m.

On Thursday, 19th of October, the office team of CASA will participate in a training. 

Therefore, our office will be manned only partly until 4 p.m. Please make sure to organize important things tomorrow. After 4 p.m., we are at your service as usually.

Many thanks for your understanding!

NEW: C2 course in the evening

For the first time at CASA: a C2 course! It takes place every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:45 p.m. This course is meant for those of you who want to reach a native speaker´s level or simply have a passion for the German language. The requirement to register for this course is either a C1 certificate or having finished a C1 course. 

We still have two spots left. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

NEW: B1.1 evening course started on September 26th!

On Tuesday, September 26th, we started a new B1.1 course for German in the evening (intermediate level). There are still spots available.

You can find more information here or you can contact us for any questions you might have.  

German course for exchange students!

We are happy to announce that we opened a new German course for exchange students on September 19th! It is an ideal course for teenagers with basic knowledge of German (A1.2 level). It takes place Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. and we still have two spots available. Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

NEW English courses

ENGLISH COURSES for every requirement. Do not miss the special and general courses we are offering this trimester! "Business English (B1/B2 level) and "Conversation" (A2/B1 level) are ideal if you want to quickly improve your vocabulary, practise speaking and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Or you can join our A2.2 course (beginners with good basic knowledge), one of our two B1 (lower-intermediate) groups or the B2 course (upper-intermediate).

If you are an advanced learner, do not miss our C1 course - it includes exciting modules like "Cooking and Cuisine" or "Environment". Come over for a level test if you need to check your level. For further information please click here.

Running intensive courses: free spots!

In the courses starting September 4th, we can offer free places in the levels A1, A2, B1 and in the second half of B2 and C1.

Joining a class spontaneously is always possible without keeping to any dates, taken that we have a place available.

Also, we are more than happy to put your name on a waiting list, in case a class is booked out. This does not involve any commitment on your side. Due to the fact that students from abroad who need a visa sometimes have to postpone their class when their visa is not issued on time, the courses are very dynamic and in many cases we can offer free places few days before the course starts. 

For any questions, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The evening courses have started!

The new evening courses started on August 28 and we are happy to offer all levels from A1.1 to C1.1, to which we´ve added a wide range of special courses that are meant to cover specific needs: Pronunciation, Conversation, Grammar, Writing and our brand-new C2 course. Some courses are already fully booked, but you can put your name on the waiting lists.

Register now. Or come over for a free level test (but please make an appointment with us beforehand).

You can find more information here.

Welcome Italy!

After having welcomed Italy, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Norway, China, Mexico, and Sibiria in  the last months, we currently look after a group of 30 young Italian teenagers from the Veneto area. They are now spending 2 weeks in our school in order to improve their knowledge of German. Likewise, they are exploring Bremen and surroundings, together with their 2 teachers, by participating in our varied cultural programme. The accommodation in German guest families gives them a good chance to apply what they are learning during their German lessons. At the same time, this provides them with a little insight in the German culture and way of living. 

Next and last for this year, we are awaiting two more groups of Denmark.

CASA is looking for you

Getting the world into one´s own house is a good reason for many families to accept a guest from a different country. Maybe you have other ideas about intercultural experience. In any case, it enriches everyday life and gives insights into the life of other people and cultures. And, most importantly, it challenges people to become aware of their own life and culture, while they talk about it with their guests.

In case you are a German-speaking family or you know one that would like to become part of the big CASA family, please contact us.

We are looking for families who would like to accommodate a teenager including half-board just as well as Germans who can offer a room with or without meals.

The duration of the stay can vary. Expenses are being covered. More information here.

That´s team spirit!

CASA staff started at 10th BMW-Company running event at night.

Take off was on 20th of June at 6 p.m. 10 sportive runners from CASA ran 5 kms for a good cause.

All in all, 300 teams with 4500 rnners started within this run.

A donation of 5 € per runner was given to the Special Olympics team Bremen. This is a charity organisation, who helps disabled people to get access to sportive activities.

It was a great team event. While the sun was shining from a blue sky,it took the CASA team only 31 minutes to cross the finishing line. The focus was on fun and team spirit, times were not taken at all. 

Photos and more information here and here.

CASA shared flat: room available

We now have one room available in a CASA shared flat. Please find more information here.

telc Deutsch B2 exam

The next telc Deutsch B2 exam for which we still have free spots takes place on November 25th, 2017.

Registrations for the examination are possible any time during our office hours. Please bring along the fee and your passport. We shall also organise a preparation course. 

CASA setting an example

A board with a famous Goethe quotation that might be traduced "All human beings be noble, helpful and well", was put up outside the school building of CASA. This, in combination with CASA´s motto "approaching each other and talking to each other", aims to underline the overall goal of the school: improve the cooperation of people from all over the world and make it easier by learning languages.

Many occurences of the past months, e.g. the increase in power of Trump and and the AfD party in Germany, which are publicly calling upon people to use violence and discrimination against minorities, made us at CASA feel consterned and horrified. So the idea came up to set an example in the public.

Education, positive values such as helpfulness, kindness, clemency, openness, impartiality, and sincerity are important to us as an institution as well as to our employees. The director of CASA, Werner Riebe: „It was important to me not to ignore things happening around us. Putting up the board  was meant to set an example and we hope to reach many people´s hearts with this short and precise message".

Intensive courses

Due to very strong demand for our courses, we currently recommend to all new students that they register for consecutive courses they are planning to attend straight away. Only by doing so, we can guarantee a place in the following course(s).